How to Capture Architecture and Interior Photography for a magazine

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How to capture Architecture and Interior Photography for a magazine

We are all guilty of dreaming of living in those houses and buildings from the pages of architectural magazines. That’s because the exterior and the interior in such images satisfy our love for aesthetics.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that?

If you’re hoping to inspire the same dream in your customers for your architecture and design photography, keep reading!

How to capture Architecture and Interior Photography for a magazine

In this guide, our Architecture and Interior Photographers in Dubai will walk you through some of the top tips that will ensure magazine-worthy architecture and interior photography:

Organize the space prior to shooting

Although this should go without saying, always try to tidy up the interior as well as the exterior before shooting. Consider each tiny detail present in the room such as remote control, newspapers, kid’s toys, and even dirty dishes. Make sure all of them are tucked away and out of sight. Or tie them with the aesthetics.

Same goes for the outside area. If you are planning to snap pictures of the exterior, clean out the garden of any dead plantation. If possible, plant some new flowers. Invest in new outdoor decoration items to stage your photography subject.

Pro Tip: Fake Plants look better than the real ones in Architecture and Interior Photography,

Take advantage of the lighting

The room can appear cold and empty when lights are closed off. Instead, illustrate a warm, inviting living area by opening up all the lights and even opening the windows for a natural effect.

If the light is not sufficient for the desired look, use the flash from your camera. However, always remember not to point the flash right on the subject.  Direct it to the wall behind or on the sides to enhance the overall natural look.

Watch the levels

When taking shots, it is important that you point the camera straight towards the subject. Use a tripod or a leveler to ensure that the lines of the feature are all parallel with the frame. If your lens is tilted, the end look will also show the interior to be falling or appear to be tripping on the viewers.

Plan your shots

If you are aiming to have your shots printed in a physical magazine, go for vertical shots. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a digital platform like Instagram, opt for horizontal shots.

Be creative

Lastly, play around with your subjects. Rearrange the furniture or the props. Add different color combinations and patterns. Take shots from different angles and go through the results to determine the best images.

Some details can help add character to your Architecture and Interior Photography. A toy placed near a toddler’s bed can bring out the desired emotions in your customers.

These easy-to-try Architecture and Interior Photography tips will go a lot to improve your overall pictures.

If the end result is not as appealing as you want, you can always consider seeking assistance from professional architecture and interior photographers in Dubai. The experts at The Photography Co – will ensure that the final product is like a page out of an architecture and design magazine.

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