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Hotels Vs. Hostels

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With the rise millennials, traveling has become something quite normal. Traveling is not a way for the rich to go around the world anymore since there are various ways to go anywhere you want with less money than it was required before. All of this is possible mostly because of the internet which provides us with opportunities like never before. It was reasonable to find accommodation in hotels, but nowadays, there are numerous alternatives to it. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the differences between hotels and hostels. Which is better and why?

Hotel Accommodation

Today like before, hotels offer their guests with a full service which is consisted of all sorts of things like the entire meal menus, amenities they might want to use, as well as the service that usually goes beyond expectations. When booking a hotel, you’re able to choose what kind of room or apartment you want, with how many beds and also you’re able to determine if you’d like a “three meals per day” service or just bed and breakfast or anything else that pleases you. Usually, all other activities like pools, gym, sports, etc. are included in the price of your room, but in some hotels, you’ll have to pay extra for these activities. All of this is presented to you before you book your stay at a particular hotel.

Hostel Accommodation

On the other hand, hostels have emerged. They should be thought of like “small hotels” with small services, and all the services are separately paid for as well. The basic service that hostels provide is a bed to sleep. Usually, these are bunk beds in dormitories with four, six or even more bunk beds. None of the amenities are included in the price for the bed. For anything else, you’ll have to pay extra money. There are even no meals included, but that way, the traveler can choose all the small pieces he/she might want to use and pay accordingly. While in hotels, when you pay the price of the room, you automatically get many other things included, but the thing is, not many people use them. Therefore, they’ve wasted their money.

The general difference between hotels and hostels is that hostels are divided into small pieces of services and you can choose which ones you need, while in hotels you pay the price they ask for and then decide if you wish to use the service you have already paid for or not.

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