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Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency For Law Offices

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Winning a new client is a tough task for law offices. To keep competitive in the law business and in order to make profit attracting new client is a must for law offices. Law offices can use digital marketing for attracting new clients.

For digital marketing purpose, an office can hire an external digital marketing agency instead of having an in-house digital marketing team.

If a law firm hires a digital marketing agency they will get industry expert professional to achieve marketing goal and expected return over investment.

So, how much it will cost to hire a digital marketing agency for law offices on average? Well, the answer is the average price is not a fixed amount! The average price to hire an external marketing firm can vary a lot.

The average price may vary depending on the location your law office is located. Price varies based on geography.

The next thing to consider, the price will be higher if a law office takes digital marketing service from a large digital marketing company. If law offices take digital marketing services from small or medium size agency price will be lower. So, law office needs to consider this issue while hiring a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency offers varieties of digital marketing services. The average price will also depend on how many services you’re taking from the agency.

Based on the above scenarios the law offices need to pay $1000-$3000 on average to hire a digital marketing agency on a monthly recurring contract. So, think about the above scenarios and determine an average price before signing an agreement.

A digital marketing agency also charges based on the whole project. The agency will take a fixed amount of money based on the project goal, project duration and, etc. Average price needs to fix by mutual discussion.

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