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3D Printing In 2019

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In 2019 3D printing will achieve something we used to connect to science fiction not so long ago. People will be able to use 3D printers in the ways they couldn’t imagine. But the thing is that with all the technological advancements that came up in recent years, we’re not surprised by things that should surprise us. Everything is evolving so fast that sometimes we’re not able to follow up on everything and we miss some things here or there. Today we’ll talk about 3D printing advancements in 2019.

Higher Speeds

It’s already announced that in 2019 we’ll have printers working at much higher printing speeds than the ones we’re used to. There are already commercial printers able to print at speeds 40 times faster than an average 3D printer. They are an excellent choice for printing mechanical parts, production tooling, as well as making prototypes. It is also said that this year we’ll see the production of smart 3D printers called 4D printers.

3D Printers With AI

The so-called “generative design” is considered as the “ultimate thinking outside of the box.” Printers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not something from a distant future. They’re here among us in 2019. The AI will collect information from the designer and implement the knowledge it gathered into a 3D printing cycle. Not having to do “heavy labor” by themselves, the designers will give 3D printers their “thoughts of a design” and AI will do the rest by following some ground rules of design.

4D Printers

It has been announced that the 4D printing will showcase itself in 2019 and after. Why 4D? Because the time element has been added to a 3D printer. How come? Well, the products printed in 3D will be able to self-adapt after they’ve been printed. Some materials and products will be capable to self-adapt themselves according to their surroundings (heat, moisture, cold, wind, light, etc.) therefore making them the pioneers of 4D printed products.

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